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Used Cars Hamilton Trades In

So, when I start used car shopping, I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for. I knew I wanted something just a few years old, all wheel drive if I could get it, and preferably something that wasn’t black. Black cars have been bad luck for me in the past. Plus, winter was coming and the ice, snow, sleet, and road salt always make black paint look really dingy.

Anyway, I went to a few different dealers and I swear, I saw the same cars at every dealership. All of them were just a year or two older than what I was looking for. None of them were all wheel drive. Plus, if they weren’t black, they were dark grey or blue and looked just as bad covered in winter dirt.

For all the used car dealerships Hamilton has to offer, I was expecting it to be a little easier to find a car I’d be willing to buy. And that was setting my goal low, right? I mean, I wasn’t even looking for something I wanted to buy. I was looking for something I was willing to buy.

Apparently, the used cars Hamilton trades in are all the same. That is, until I made one last unexpected stop at a dealership by my house. My gut told me to go there first but I thought, what are the chances that I’ll find a car at the first dealership I see? Well, I should’ve listened because, in a desert of black rear-wheel drive cars, this dealership was an oasis of color and all-wheel drive. That’s a horrible metaphor, I mean, snow and a desert. But you know what I mean. It was refreshing.

I found a car I fell in love with. She was red, all wheel drive, and even had a sunroof for when warmer weather did it. Got a really good deal on it, too. If I had to give anyone in the market for a new car some advice, it would definitely be to consider a used one. And not to be afraid of the used dealerships in the area! Seriously, if I hadn’t given them a chance, I never would have found the car I did. I would have probably way too much money on a new car that I really couldn’t afford because I was afraid of a silly stereotype. I also got a pretty good deal on some very cheap car insurance no deposit from here: