It Was Easy to Find Cheap Car Insurance with No Deposit

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Finding very cheap car insurance with no deposit

There are few times in life that I can honestly say I won anything. I’ve entered many contests, and often with no expectation of winning, but simply because it makes no sense to pass up an opportunity to win something if possible. I remember as a little kid I always wanted to register to win the free photos in the mall but my parents wouldn’t let me. Once I was there with my aunt and she helped me to fill one out and guess what? I won! The very next month we got the call to schedule our free photo shoot. Well, there was more to the story.

My parents and I put on our Sunday best and went to take our photos. Upon our arrival, my parents were given a card to fill out showing how many family members would be included in the session. Once we reached the front, the card was collected. To my surprise, I wasn’t the only winner. There were hundreds of people who had won the same shoot and after meeting a few of them, we discovered that everyone that registered was a winner. What we won was the opportunity to pay a $29.95 sitting fee for a family portrait. Wow! I was a bit disappointed but quickly remembered that my parents warned me.

Fast-forward twenty-five years and arrive at present time in my life. A few buddies and myself were on an excursion across five states. We were at a sports arena and I remember registering to win a free car. The real reason I took the time to register was to get one of the awesome tumblers they gave away to everyone that registered to win. My cup is great and holds ice for at least a full day, which is great in these temperatures. Although the cup is all I expected, I get a phone call today and am instructed to visit my local dealer to claim my free car. Of course, I thought it was a prank until an Uber driver pulled up in front of my door to transport me to the dealership.

This was the only time in my life I actually won anything. I didn’t need any money to claim the car but they did require that I insure it. That was no problem at all. I quickly called an agent and purchased cheap car insurance with no deposit. Twenty minutes later, I was driving my new car off the lot. Happy with my car, but I ended up not so happy with my insurance. Apparently it didn’t cover much, so I had to find new insurance. Auto insurance is not cheap! Had to google a lot, but managed to find who has the cheapest auto insurance near me. It was geico.