I love Miami, don’t get me wrong. But if there’s one thing that pisses me off it’s my car insurance. I pay wayyy to much for it. And there’s nothing you can do about it. You need a car. Public transport in Miami is pretty terrible.

A lot of people that move here get shocked at our rates, so I decided to write a little guide on how to get cheap car insurance in Miami. (Hint it’s get a lot of quotes from online sites like: autoinsurancemonkey.com. If you’re curious how the rates compare to your site, I recommend reading this: average car insurance rates by city.

How to get cheap car insurance

There is a long list of car insurance providers out there, and knowing where to begin in your search for a good one is almost impossible. Talking to family, friends and others about their experiences with various insurance companies is a good idea. However, comparing online car insurance quotes can be the best approach to narrowing down your selection as you search for a quality insurance company.

Company Characteristics

After you have narrowed down your selection of possible insurance companies to provide your coverage, conduct research to learn more about the reputation of the company you are considering. Verify that the company is licensed in your state to provide auto insurance, and check their business ratings and customer reviews. Many people fail to consider the financial status of the company providing their coverage but they should do so. Although it is your responsibility to pay for the coverage you select, but the company must be capable of funding its portion of cost if damage occurs to your vehicles. The company you choose should be one with quality and integrity to service your needs.

When considering auto insurance quotes, seek out companies that offer discounts and driver rewards. If you purchase your full coverage car insurance from a quality company, chances are you will maintain your coverage with them for a long time ( Not idea what this is? Neither did I: www.autoinsurancemonkey.com/how-to-get-cheap-full-coverage-auto-insurance/). There are benefits offered such as driver rewards for maintaining a good driving record and some providers offer discounts based on age, good driving history and anti-theft devices in vehicles. There are several ways to save money on your coverage but you must know how and where to look for these savings, as they are not always presented upfront. New vehicle vs. used vehicle purchase, living in areas with low occurrence of crimes and maturing in age are examples of reasons that policy providers will offer discounts on coverage.

Consider Convenience

It is important to point out that what one person considers a convenience in auto coverage is not necessarily a convenience another. Some people have no time to mail payments or stop by a local office to pay their premium in person. For this reason, seeking a company that offers an online or phone pay option is best. Assess your current financial situation and if funds are low, ask about no deposit car insurance options. If you don’t have a second vehicle, make sure that your policy covers rental in case of an accident or incident. It may not be convenient for you to pay for a rental out of pocket and having a policy that covers it will be best. An insurance company that provides exactly what you need and great customer service should top the list of quality companies.